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Fotograf Johnny Haglund

JohnnyHaglundJohnny Haglund er Canon Ambassadør. 

Word Press Photo skriver: "Johnny Haglund was born in Norway in 1965. He studied as an engineer, but discovered he was not made to spend his life working between four walls. Since 1988, he has traveled the world, always with a camera, and in 1994 had his first story published. Today, Haglund works fulltime as a freelance photographer and writer. He has had around 400 articles published, and has written and photographed five books."

Johnny Haglund om foredraget: "My photography takes me to the most remote corners of the world – and to places just av few meters away from where I live in Oslo. In this presentation I will focus on my latest assignments, from high up in the Himalayas, into the dry deserts of Algeria, a somewhat chaotic journey around the capital of Dhaka and of course a claustrophobic climb into the dark world of caves and tunnels in Norway. Almost all the images and videos I will present, has been shot with Canon EOS R and RF lenses."



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